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A Force Called ACM.


  • Online Degree Programs


    The Chapter's backbone, the Technical Team not only designs the websites and apps for the Chapter, but also propogates the culture of coding across entire UPES and works on projects that help students learn.

  • Non-Degree Programs


    The brain of the chapter, organizes a variety of events, our vivacious team. Through creative concepts and flawless event execution, the Events team makes sure that attendees enjoy every minute from conception to conclusion.

  • Off-Campus Programs

    Public Relations & Sponsorship

    This committee is the face of the chapter. The PR and Sponsorship team puts in immeasurable efforts to secure sponsorships for the events, responds to inquiries, and tries to increase the chapter’s.

  • Hybrid Distance Programs

    Design & VFX

    This distinguished committee is the creative house of the chapters. This team always leads the forefront by making breathtaking videos and developing visually appealing graphic material.

  • Hybrid Distance Programs


    The Logistics committee works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning of every event or activity of the chapters. This team provides back-end support to every other committee by managing all the arrangements flawlessly.

  • Off-Campus Programs

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Being the reflection of the chapter’s ethics and deeds, the CSR committee curates activities that help contribute to the upliftment of society. It promotes education, and vocational skills among young children.

  • Non-Degree Programs


    The Editorial Committee is the brainchild behind the Chapter's all formal communications, blogs, social media content and document all the daily proceedings. This teams gives life to everything you see or read about UPES ACM.

  • Online Degree Programs

    Social Media

    The Social Media Committee is responsible for innovatively using social media platforms as a means to connect and engage members, grow the membership base, and come up with strategies to increase the chapters’ social media presence.

About Us

One of the BestStudent Chapterssince 10 Years.

We work round-the-clock to hone the adroit programmer in our members through many events, workshops, fests, contests, and talks all year long. Our student body is headed by confident and proficient members who work seamlessly for this cause.

  • Complete Holistic Development
  • Guided Mentorship from Seniors
  • Community Access, Coding classes, Projects etc.


Get a head-start in your technical journey.🚀

  • Build Responsive Real- World Websites with HTML and CSS

    21 Days of Code

    We launched 21 Days of Code to promote the environment for competitive programming and instil coding as second nature and a daily habit for 21 regular days.

    • 10+ Mentors
    • 100+ Students
  • Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers

    Code Anytime

    Code Anytime is our round-the-year initiative to encourage free-spirited coding among beginners to amplify their passion for programming.

    • 15+ Mentors
    • 200+ Students Students
  • The Complete Camtasia Course for Content Creators

    Hour of Code

    The CSR team puts their words to action, and brings smiles across the faces of the underprivileged society. The team makes the activities as interactive as possible.

    • 100+ Students
  • 13+

    Years in the Game!

  • 600+

    Members (for 2023-24)

  • 150+

    Events Conducted

  • 5+


Hey Fam!

Look What Our Executives Have to Say

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Pankaj Badoni, Faculty Coordinator

It has been 5 years since I joined UPES ACM-W, and these past few years have been exciting and extremely successful for us. We have won several national and international awards for our hard work. Our annual event, Prodigy, has been a massive success for the past five years and I'm proud to say that UPES ACM hasn't ever hesitated from helping whenever possible, which can be seen in our outstanding CSR events and the collaborations we have. Being a part of ACM ensures that everyone can showcase what they're good at and constantly evolve. We strive to create a better environment for our members with every action of ours.

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Utkarsh Rastogi, Chairperson

I have been associated with the chapter since my first year in college. It's been almost three years now, and the journey has been great. From being the core committee member to the Joint Event Head and now representing the chapter as the Chairperson, has been really wonderful. UPES ACM & ACM-W is not only a student chapter but a family that brings the best out of you. We organize a variety of events ranging from technical, fun-tech and gaming events. Our coding initiatives such as the 21 Days of Code, Code Anytime and Spy-C have had great impact on the university students. We aim at coming together, being dedicated, growing together and contributing to the technical fraternity for the years to come.

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Siddhant Kwatra, Vice-Chairperson

Upon my college arrival, the UPES-ACM Student Chapter warmly embraced me, alleviating overwhelming challenges. It swiftly became a familial refuge, fostering belonging and support. Beyond membership, it meant embracing a culture of coding excellence and technical advancement. As I progressed through my academic journey, I transitioned from a core member to an office bearer and now proudly hold the position of vice chairperson in this esteemed chapter. Reflecting on this journey, it has been nothing short of extraordinary. My aspiration as a leader is to propel the UPES-ACM Student Chapter to unprecedented heights, leaving a legacy that transcends the remarkable one I inherited

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Kavya Chugh, Treasurer

When I was exposed to ACM and the ACM-W student organisation at UPES, my programming career had just started. Where I used to frequently get confused between the fundamentals of coding, activities like 21 Days of Code, Code Anytime, and Spy C increased my confidence in coding, that's when I decided to continue my career with ACM and the ACM-W student chapter. Being a part of ACM-W gives me a great deal of pleasure because what more could you ask for from a student chapter than a chapter that teaches you a lot about your skill, and not just the skill, but how to deal with public relations, how to organise events as a team, and much more. I'm happy to be a part of this vibrant student chapter.

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Sahil Bathla, Secretary

My journey with UPES ACM has been nothing short of transformative. From stumbling upon a CSR event in my first year to becoming a core member and now Secretary, it's been an extraordinary ride. Joining UPES ACM was like finding a second home-a supportive family where I could overcome confusion and stage fright. It provided a platform to share ideas, hone leadership skills, and improve coding abilities through initiatives like Code Anytime. It's more than just a student chapter-it's a supportive community fostering growth and coding excellence. UPES ACM has shaped not only my academic journey but also my character and aspirations, providing a place where aspirations thrive and individuals are empowered to reach their full potential.

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Shradha Mudgil, Joint Secretary

Joining UPES ACM was a turning point for me. I landed a spot on the PR and Sponsorship committee, leading the team as PR and Sponsorship Head. Now, I'm honored to serve as the chapter secretary. It's been a rollercoaster ride, filled with learnings. The positive and challenging work environment proved to be a fantastic combination for growth. I've broken out of my shell, becoming a more confident communicator. From the initial steps to the leadership responsibilities, this journey within UPES ACM has been incredibly rewarding and instrumental in developing my teamwork and leadership skills. I'm incredibly grateful for the community, the challenges, and the friendships I've made along the way.