Our Projects


Here Are Some Of Our Ongoing Projects

Text Editor

Text Editor

Mentor - Akshat Chaturvedi

Developer - Ayush Yadav - CSE- Graphics & Gaming Year 1 Language Used- C/C++

Description/Key Feature :

  • The feature of auto correct and spell check will be included.
  • Top suggestion i.e. autocomplete enable
  • Cursor motion enable
  • Keyboard shortcuts enable
  • Cut, copy and paste feature
  • Text to speech feature


Mentor - Nikhil Gupta

Developer - Durva Tiwari - Mainframe Year 1
Language Used- C/C++

Description/Key Feature :

Our university has an online library management system where we can view the list of books we've borrowed. I would like to design an application, where not only can we view the books we've borrowed, but also all the books available in library, the books which need to returned back soon. Also, I would like to introduce various utilities like starting to notify the user 2 or 3 days before the return date of the book. Until and unless the user has returned the book, the app would notify them. Even then, if they fail to do so, they can pay the late fee charges from our app. They can also re-issue the books from the app.



Mentor - Akshat Chaturvedi

DEVELOPER - Utkarsh Sandeep Singh
Language - Java

Description/Key Feature :

Online Laundry system which basically stands for electronic Laundry of Clothes System. This is a simple and effective system for the hostellers as well as people who are living far from their homes for the purpose of study or job. The main objective for the e-LOCS is to reduce the load of daily need and to focus for which they are specified. e-LOCS would be very effective for the students also who had gone for the higher studies far from their home as they don't have enough knowledge and time to wash and iron their clothes by themselves.

Android App - VASP

Mentor - Ashish Malhotra

Developer - Vyom, Amulya & Parv
Platform - Android

Description/Key Feature :

An android app, for the healthcare sector. The aim is to bridge up the gap between doctors and patients via an app and allow patients to easily get appointments, at favorable time by using application.