Fall Semester

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    June, 2016
    Game Of Thrones

    Who deserves the Iron Throne? A true leader is one who knows and understands his people. On that note, UPES-ACM brought'Quest for the Iron Throne'. This event wass FREE and OPEN TO ALL who think they deserve the Iron Throne. The winner received a certificate proclaiming to be the 'Lord of the Seven Kingdoms' and the runner-up received a certificate proclaiming him/her the 'Lord Commander of the Night's Watch'. The event comprised of 50-question, 30 minutes quiz to test how well the participant know their favourite TV show, Game of Thrones. You get +5 for correct answers, -3 for wrong ones and -1 for unattempted questions!

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    Aug, 2016
    Enigma 2.0

    Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible." -Alan Turing
    Behold! UPES-ACM came with Enigma 2.0. It is a Puzzle event oftwo enthralling rounds, the participant need to decipher the hidden messages and prove that he/she have what it takes to unravel the Enigma.

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    Sept, 2016
    Photoshop workshop

    ACM conducted a series of Photoshop Tute Sessions (Beginner Level) exclusively for ACM members. It was free of cost.
    The deep insight of various designing techniques and use of different desiging softwares was given to the participant. A large crowd showed up for the workshop.

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    Oct, 2016
    AICWic Conference

    ACM-W strives to create leadership opportunities for women in the field of STEM. UPES ACM-W focuses on constructing a social geometry where all men and women have equal opportunities and work together in harmony. The team's hard work paid off when the chapter was elected to host the ACM-W India Celebration of Women in Computing (AICWiC'16) in October. The annual conference brought an exclusive spotlight for all aspiring women to brand their savvy, and celebrate their prowess in the computing arena through:

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    Nov, 2016

    It was a event to test the knowledge of C of the participants. It was a online event with three distinguished levels,with the levels being:
    1. Give the Output
    2. Debug the Code
    3. Complete the Code
    The prize money was worth 3000.

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    Dec, 2016
    The Time is Write

    The UPES ACM Student Chapter gave a chance to students to have their name published with us..!! We were inviting articles for the UPES ACM Blog. Selected submissions found a place on our Blog, Facebook page & the UPES ACM Website. The Best Article featured in our Annual Magazine for the session 2016-17. *The article mustn't be necessarily technical only. It should be informative rather than personal. *Plagiarism was strictly prohibited. >br> *Word limit - 500

Winter Semester

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    Jan, 2017

    It was an online technical event.
    Particpant need to solve blocks of code and use the outputs to fill a simple crossword puzzle! The event had three stages, and the difficulty of the questions was increased as the level procceds.

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    16-18 Feb, 2017

    There are no dreams too large, no innovation too unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach. In Ignite 2k17, we at UPES ACM and ACM-W Student Chapters presented our annual HACKATHON which provides students an opportunity to present their innovation and creation. The event comprises of Coding, Design, Art, SFX and much more. 1. Participants (in a team of max 2) will be given a theme on which they have to design a solution with a time constraint.
    2. They will be free to make plans , create wireframes and brainstorm prior to the event.
    3. Three days event. 16th (online) 17th, 18th offline.
    4. Participants may use any resources necessary (e.g: Internet, APIs etc) but program should be coded from scratch and should not be plagiarized.
    5. Present your creation to the jury on final day.
    Prizes worth 16000/-

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    18 Feb, 2017

    This Ignite, UPES ACM-W brings to you another exciting event which is a unique blend of aptitude, codes and treasure hunt. The first round has quiz about what's trending in the field of IT. The second round is a smart treasure hunt in which you have to crack the code, go to the position where the output of code points and move on. The code may be a program, riddle or logic based reasoning.

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    18 Feb, 2017

    This Ignite,UPES ACM and ACM-W brings to you another exciting event which is will be a virtual board game not between two individual, but their programs, called bot's.

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    6-7 April, 2017

    Prodigy is the annual technical fest organized by UPES ACM. Through this fest, the chapters strive to create interest and enthusiasm among students for innovation and creativity in the field of information technology.
    Prodigy'17 comes with an adventurous and buzzing theme of The Game of thrones, encompassing within itself a wide variety of events. PRODIGY'17

Upcoming Events From UPES ACM

In this event, the participants will have to submit their projects on any technical topic. It will basically be a team event of 2-4 team members. All the teams will have to submit their project description/proposal till 25th March. Top 10 teams will be shortlisted and then they all have to present their project during the fest. The best teams will be announced as the winners.

A website designing contest in which the participant has to only layout the basic html website using CSS, JavaScript,.net ,HTML, XML and jquery.

The participant will be given 2 hours to give the layout to a basic html website.


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