The major buzz in the data market so far has been about “Cloud”, but the trend seems to be on the verge of change. The new buzzword today is “Fog Computing”. Unlike the name suggests it has nothing to do with weather but instead the storage and accessibility of data.

The central problem surrounding cloud computing platform lately has been Bandwidth. The United States of America was ranked 35th in the world, for bandwidth in the World Economic Forum, which is a critical issue if one is trying to transmit data wirelessly.

Ultimately with the advancement in Internet of Things & hence the generation of tremendous amount of data; the conditions are expected to corrode even further.

This is when Fog Computing comes into picture.

Fog Computing also referred to as Edge fog_computingComputing offers an alternative by keeping data intact in the local computer & devices, rather than mapping it to the centre of cloud.

In today’s world where we live & spend our lives around the Internet, surrounded by huge amount of computing power & a never ending galore of digital devices, imagine a single gadget downloading software updates and automatically sharing the same with other devices, instead of utilizing slow yet precious bandwidth for every device separately.

Data has been never been an issue; we have more of it than we can ever analyze or utilize, when in fact we’re in process of producing more every day. The problem that stands is about storage & access, which we demand in convenient fashion.fog-computing-internet-of-things

Fog Computing is a platform routing our way to a rapid & efficient accessibility to data along with reducing risk of Data Latency.

With Fog Computing it’s about keeping data to the ground.!!