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It’s hard to think of a world without blogs. Some blogs educate, help people collaborate, spark ideas and expand our thought universe. Others stir emotions and anger us or make us laugh. Here are a few informative blogs written by Team ACM. Add them to your bookmarks.

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The Future Tech World

Author: Arnav Gupta
The world is changing and technology is not an exception to that, we can see in the last 10 years the mobiapple-iphone-providing-the-future-technologyle phone.....


Android 7.0 Nougat

Author: Gautam
Android unveils their most awaited 7th version of android i.e. ANDROID NOUGAT with a lot of exciting and smart features.....



Author : Alok Pandey
The major buzz in the data market so far has been about “Cloud”, but the trend seems to be on the verge of change.The new buzzword today is “Fog Computing”. Unlike...


Quantum Computing

Author : Alok Pandey
Combining physics, mathematics and computer science, quantum computing has developed in the past two decades....