Making a Change


A way for students to learn C and interact with their seniors. UPES ACM devised this initiative to help introduce students to programming languages and their delights. Spy C melds the rules of code with the imagination of humans.


UPES-ACM and ACM-W hosts interactive technical workshops that helps foster innovation and sharpen skills. We at UPES ACM and ACM W, think of ways to make the world a better place by being the change we want to see.


The CSR team puts their words to action, and brings smiles across the faces of the underprivileged society. The team parts education in the most exciting manner and makes the activities as interactive and intriguing as possible.


Code Anytime, an initiative augmented by UPES ACM and ACM-W in an effort to develop a coding culture within campus. An environment where everyone is provided with the opportunity to code, learn and grow.


The Largest Computing
Society, now at UPES



UPES-ACM Student Chapter has been active since 2010 with its first organised activity being a Poster Presentation Competition with the theme “IT Applications in Energy Studies”.

UPES ACM started off with a poster but is now a chapter with strong foundations and highly dedicated team to build upon them.



  • Student Chapter Excellence Award: Outstanding Website - 2017

    - Awarded by ACM International

  • Student Chapter Excellence Award: Outstanding Recruitment Program - 2016

    - Awarded by ACM International

  • Best Student Chapter Award (Runner Up) - 2016

    - Awarded by ACM India

  • Student Chapter Excellence Award: Outstanding Chapter Activities - 2015

    - Awarded by ACM International


Corporate Social Responsibility

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
― Michael Jordan

On June 15th, the CSR Team of UPES ACM-W visited the Kalyan Smiti, an NGO in Delhi, conducting an event outside of Dehradun for the very first time. The team of volunteers taught high school girls about the basics of computers and various other application software during two highly interactive sessions. It was an enlightening session filled with knowledge and fun. The session was a complete success due to the efforts of the various volunteers and the Heads, but the key to our success was the enthusiasm of the girls who were bright, engaging and eager to learn. We were encouraged to walk on our chosen path by Kalyan Smiti, a dedicated NGO.


Code Anytime

“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”
― Steve Jobs

Code anytime, an initiative augmented by UPES ACM and ACM-W in an effort to develop a coding culture within campus. It's an open minded atmosphere where there is room for error and ample opportunities to learn. In lieu of a student-teacher dynamic, we've chosen to build an environment where students themselves are pushed to harness their inner coder. They are encouraged to come forward with any programming language related queries, get their doubts cleared and master the language. There are no barriers; anyone and everyone is welcome. It's a platform where everyone is provided with the opportunity to code, learn and grow

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See what our Executives have to say

We are ACM

ACM Executives

Mr.Pankaj Badoni

Faculty Coordinator

Sanskriti Pandey

Chairperson, UPES ACM

Tejas Trivedi

Vice Chairperson, UPES ACM

Arjun Singh Ahluwalia

Secretary, UPES ACM

Ayush Kumar

Joint Secretary, UPES ACM

Riddhi Singh

Treasurer, UPES ACM

Our Teams


In addition to being the brainchild behind the Chapter's formal communications and blogs,  the Editorial Team is also responsible for documenting the Chapter's daily proceedings.

PR, Membership and Sponsorship

From getting sponsorship for events to setting up the membership drive,  and publicising events,  workshops and other activities of the Chapter,  this team does it all.

Events and Workshops

Managing events and workshops engaging over a hundred students is no easy task. This team makes such hardships seem like a walk in the park.

Technical, Design and VFX

The Chapter's backbone,  the Technical Team not only designs the websites and apps for the Chapter,  but also propogates the culture of coding across entire UPES   and works on projects that help students learn.

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